Training and Education

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Course Location: On-Site Training

The seminar is held at your location, in your lecture room and labs

Session Includes:

Lecture Sessions

  • all study materials

Lab Sessions

  • all equipment for up to four TFF processing work stations
  • samples and hollow fiber modules necessary for

lab processing exercises

Certificate of Completion of the course



2 day Lecture / Lab training seminar at your location

TFF 101 - designed to teach students to:

  • identify commonly used methods of separation
  • compare the two predominant membrane separation platforms
  • describe techniques for the 3 main applications using TFF
  • characterize a hollow fiber TFF process
  • understanding steps to scale up a TFF process from lab to process-scale

and more...



James Simmons, Senior Director of Education

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With over 30 years experience in membrane separation, James Simmons comes fully prepared as our lead instructor for Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF).

Jim began his career with Johnson & Johnson in manufacturing under GMP standards. He entered the field of membrane separations in 1982, affiliated with the Millipore lab water group where the TFF aspect was reverse osmosis. Jim did several major high purity RO/TFF systems during this time. Much of the work was for hemodialysis centers, research labs, and various process applications. Following successful stints in the field, Jim became a systems design engineer responsible for design and approval of ultra pure water systems for the field force.

In 1996 Jim joined Parker Hannifin with a focus on membrane filtration where most of this work was not TFF but rather ultra pure dead-end filtration, he trained the sales team and provided design engineering.

Jim joined in early 2001 with his primary focus on bioseparation using hollow fiber membrane TFF as it relates to proteins and antibodies, cells, viruses, nanoparticles and perfusion. In this role Jim has made training a major focus of customer support.

In 2015 Jim transitioned to Senior Director of Education to lead Spectrum Lab’s initiative to inform and teach all aspects of Tangential Flow Filtration.


Founded in 1970, is a global leader in membrane separation technologies for the pharmaceutical, bioprocess, diagnostic and scientific research industries. Based in Los Angeles, we focus on two core technologies, Single-Use Hollow Fiber Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) and Tubular Membrane Dialysis.

In 1995, initiated production of mixed cellulose ester hollow fiber filters for the purification and concentration of biopharmaceuticals and diagnostic particles. Since then, we have successfully expanded this technology and market reach by introducing a wide range of hollow fiber membrane chemistries and pore sizes for ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and microfiltration. The KrosFlo® branded membrane filters and supporting filtration systems are used in a multitude of up-stream and down-stream applications including point-of use-water filtration, cold sterilization of culture medium, protein purification and concentration, virus removal and concentration, lysate clarification, bioreactor perfusion, whole cell diafiltration, as well as many other specialized separation processes. We strive to advance Tangential Flow Filtration technology by developing novel hollow fiber membrane chemistries. Most recently, we introduced a hydrophilic and low protein binding modified polyethersulfone (mPES) hollow fiber membrane that provides superior flux and higher product recovery.

Our products are represented and sold through our regional offices and a network of distributors worldwide.